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My FAVOURTIE Kitchen Tools

From Marketing to cooking tips! You get it all over here at Johanna Jean's Blog. Fun fact: I have been blogging for six years. Another fun fact: I'm extremely critical of myself (aren't we all?). I have stopped and started my blog around 5 different times. Every time I stopped, I wiped the slate clean and started a new blog page. I USED to post a lot about cooking, including some of my own recipes! I love to cook and through the years I have gained a ton of confidence in the kitchen. I LOVE sharing my own tips and tricks in the kitchen. In this blog, I lay out some of my must-have kitchen tools (with links to purchase)!

One thing I want to mention first is that even though this blog is about Kitchen tools... I don't think you need a lot in order to cook. So don't rush out to grab everything on this list. Start slow and work on building that confidence in the kitchen!

1. Air Fryer. If you're one of my friends or my mother you know how much I LOVE my Air Fryer. I recommend this nifty little tool to everyone that asks... I even recommend it to people who don't ask! I use my air fryer every single day (not joking). I make eggs, bacon, chicken, veggies, don't even get me started on anything that's breaded - I can't recommend it enough! It cooks everything to perfection. Mine was a Birthday present and I can't find it on Amazon, but here's one that I gave my mother for Christmas.

2. Lemon Squeezer. Super basic tool but it's the best! You get every last drop of juice out of your lemons and you don't get seeds (which can actually add a bitter taste to your food). I use this a lot. Extra tip: if you have lemons that are about to go bad, squeeze into ice cube trays and freeze for later! Mine is older and I couldn't find it on Amazon, but here's one that looks good.

3. Cast Iron Skillet. It's a tough pan to cook in, but once you get the hang of it - it's the best and very versatile! Make sure you use a seasoning spray or oil after you clean it. Fun fact: did you know that cooking with a Cast Iron Skillet adds a significant amount of iron to your food? Look it up, it's true!

Here's the one I have on Amazon! Also, here's the seasoning oil I use after I clean mine (a little goes a long way - I've had this tiny bottle for a couple of years) - my skillet is like new!

4. Steamer. Carrots, beans, asparagus are good when cooked in the Air Fryer... but most of the time I steam them. I've had my steamer for 12 years (holy shit) and it still cooks my favourite veggies to perfection - tender but crispy! I have to turn it on with the tip of a knife because the knob broke off - but it still works! It's also helpful when you have a crowded stovetop.

This is the brand that I have, but it's not the exact one.

5. Garlic Press. I can't stand having a garlic-smell on my fingers. A garlic press is a nifty little tool that crushes garlic into a perfect paste, ready to go straight into whatever you're cooking. You don't even have to skin the garlic!

Here's a link, but honestly I got mine from the dollar store :).

That's all I have for you today. Short and sweet! Hopefully, this helps if you're looking to step up your cooking in a minor way.

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