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Amazon Favourites!

When I think about it... I could probably do a whole blog dedicated to my Amazon finds. I feel like a professional Amazon shopper. Like most of the world, my addiction to Amazon shopping became super real this past year. With stores closed for the majority of last year and all of this year so far (I live in Ontario), it's been my only option for convenient shopping! I've purchased everything from clothes to kitchen tools. Today's Amazon Favourites post doesn't have a theme... I could probably do a tech-themed one, a fashion-themed one, etc. But for my first one, I'll keep it general.

Here are some of my latest Amazon finds that I LOVE!

Do you know where your local photo printing shop is? I don't. and if I did! It would probably be closed. And no I don't want to order prints online, because I actually don't want a ton of random photos laying around. I just want to fill the frames that I have around the house. Thanks to this little printer I can keep my frames up-to-date with my latest snapshots from my iPhone! It also came in handy when I was sending Christmas cards this year to my family that I couldn't be with. Everyone got personalized photos in their cards.

These have been a lifesaver!!! I felt terrible about the about of single-use plastic I was using in our house. We went through a Costco pack of zip-locks in one year. All of that plastic, just sitting in a landfill, and will probably outlive me. These have been a great replacement! Plus they are super easy to use and clean. They don't seem to keep cheese good though... but they're perfect for veggies!

Speaking of replacing single-use plastic - these have also helped a lot! We use them mainly for storing meat in the freezer and they work great. I wish they could go in the dishwasher.... there's probably a brand that is dishwasher safe. But these do the trick and aren't super hard to clean.

We've been working from home for almost a year now and over the year I've purchased a few things to make my desk space functional and comfortable. When I think about the things that I would define as a game-changing-purchase, this one is near the top of the list. I have a smaller computer desk and my wrists were pressed on the edges of my desk, resulting in sore wrists and forearms. Now my wrists are supported in a comfortable position throughout the day! Plus, the print is SO cute!

For some reason, I run out of hands when I get home and have to unlock my front door. I always fumble to get my keys out so now I just wear them on my wrist! This pack comes with two colour/print options! I use the leopard one and gave the black one away... The wristlet is super cute and comfortable! I also attach my air pods case to my wristlet for easy access.

When I was taking stock of where I could reduce my everyday waste, I looked at my skincare routine! I was a regular user of sheet masks. A single-use non-recyclable paper material that will end up in a landfill. So I made a small investment in making my own masks. With a quick Amazon search, I found these Clay Masks! There are four different types of versatile clay masks that you can use as a regular mask, a cleanser, or a hair mask. French Green Clay is my favorite.

I could not recommend this tumbler more! It holds a lot and keeps the temperature of your drink. Example: I fill it with ice and water before bed.... when I wake up the ice was still in there! It's super versatile, you can use a straw or sip from the lid. There's a bunch of colours and prints to choose from! I have the leopard print one that's pictured.

It's still cozy season, and what are you doing if you don't have a comfy sherpa pull-over to wear?! I love this one from the brand Onlypuff on Amazon. My readers will be shocked to find out that I did not order the pink sherpa that's pictured above... I got the Wine Red one (Not that I didn't want the pink! But I already have a pink sherpa and I think the pink one was sold out when I went to purchase). This hoodie is really cute, super warm, and very comfortable. I have a few things from the brand Onlypuff that I really like. Everything that I ordered from them arrived as pictured and fits perfectly.

That concludes my first Amazon Favourites Blog! As I mentioned I will most likely post another one.... but the next one I do, I'll most likely have a theme.

Side Note: a lot of the items that I mentioned are from small businesses. Yes, Amazon is an amazing platform for small businesses to sell their products. So if you buy the items that I linked here and you love them as I did, don't forget to leave a review to help them out!

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